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Jeff Rees

Dr. Jeff Rees has been in pastoral ministry for over 30 years. His interest and time through Make Room For Marriage is devoted to helping people increase their relational health. He loves equipping couples with tools and methods that cultivate and maintain healthy, loving family relationships.

Jeff created a unique journey for couples to experience together. After years of caring for couples and identifying some key reasons why marriages struggle, he, along with his wife, Martha, have assimilated and formed a workshop for couples to discover together. The process is painless and private. The experience is pleasant and even romantic. The results have been, to use the actual words of participants, “beyond my expectations”, “life-changing and life-transforming,” and “the best thing I have ever experienced.” The workshop is not designed for only troubled marriages. It is not focused on “couples in crises.” It is for all married couples. All couples, regardless of how good or how challenged their marriage might be, will be encouraged and refreshed.

Martha has spent the last 25 years as an educator in both public and private schools. After teaching special education, elementary education, and middle school English, she received her Masters degree and now works as an administrator working closely with parents and teachers. Martha has also worked with couples that have children with disabilities and is well aware of the needs and dynamics that exist in those systems. Martha enjoys spending time mentoring students and parents.

Couples who have attended a weekend retreat or one-day workshop share how impactful and special the experience. Click here to view these testimonies.

Jeff and Martha have three grown children and eight grandchildren.

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